Programming Options

CPR Certification: CPR certification is valid for 2 years. However, the American Heart Association recommends that people participate in review sessions at least every 6 months in order to maintain proficiency (which we are happy to provide for you).

First Aid Certification: This is typically valid for 2 years.

Continuing Education Credits: Licensing agencies typically recognize con ed hours for many of our programs.

EMS Licensure: State of NH & National Registry licensure is required to practice as a First Responder or an EMT in New Hampshire. While examinations for these licensures is not provided within the context of these courses, our programs meet or exceed the National Standard Guidelines, and the State of NH requirements. Successful course completion provides participants with the knowledge, skills and qualifications they need to then enter into, and do well in the exam process.


Go to FAQs if you need help to determine which certification you need.

Upcoming Programs

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