Phyl headshotPhylis Manning
In 1995, Phylis began her own business (originally as Phylis Manning & Associates, later renaming the company to Manning Emergency Educators, Inc.).  Her focus was to continue to develop, market, & teach Health & Safety Education as she had been doing for 6 years previously while working as Worksite Coordinator at the American Red Cross NH West Chapter.  The independent status enabled her & her team of facilitators to expand programming in numerous directions.

In addition to teaching & managing MEEI, Phylis is an Adjunct Faculty Member in the Physical Education Department at Keene State College.  She holds a Bachelors Degree in Independent Concentration from the University of MA, Amherst.  She is a NH Dept of Safety, Bureau of EMS Instructor/Coordinator, and a BLS Practical Examination Evaluator.

In her time away from teaching, Phylis is an EMT with the all-volunteer Marl Harris Ambulance Squad and with Rogers Rangers Emergency Services.

Originally from the Boston area, Phylis has lived in the same house in Marlborough with her husband since 1978, raising 3 wonderful (now adult) children and a few dogs and cats along the way.  She values every opportunity to relax with her husband or visit with her children – wherever they may be, to get to any ocean – be it on on a beach or on a boat, or to read a good book purely for pleasure.

Steve Weber

Steve's BioPic

Steve has been a Nationally Registered EMT, EMT-I, WEMT for 20+ years, and has had his Fire Fighter II for 10 of those years.  He has also been an instructor for Outward Bound and an American Heart Association instructor for 20 years.  He is a beekeeper, and teaches classes on this as well.  He is also co-owner of ALRAN books wherein they sell professional books to teachers throughout New England.   In Steve’s spare time, depending upon the season, you’ll find him skiing, hiking, sea kayaking, riding his motorcycle, messing about with bees, or working in his sugar house or his garden.

When asked why he teaches, Steve says, “I have seen the value of first responders knowing what to do in an emergency and want to give people the tools they need to help and to be safe doing so.  I always suggest people do as I say, not as I have done… passing along what I have learned from mistakes made over the years.”

Steve explains that what he likes best about teaching with MEEI is, “the people I teach with, what a great bunch of people!  Having taught through MEEI since 1999, I can attest to the fact that you won’t find a better group of instructors than the team Phylis has put together.  Their years of hands-on and teaching experience, their professionalism, and they make it fun for the participants, while they are learning to care!”  

Ellen Wishart

Ellen Wishart

Ellen has lived in NH since 1989, thoroughly loving this beautiful place where she can kayak the lakes and rivers, hike and snow-shoe as seasons allow or simply sit in the sun reading a good book.  Otherwise one might find her enjoying great meals with friends or traveling to new and different places, especially where she doesn’t know the language.  With a MS in Special Education, she has worked in both related and divergent fields, typically those that involve helping people make a difference in their lives. She is currently a Tenant Specialist with Keene Housing. Throughout the years, she has managed to teach CPR, First Aid and related courses in many venues both with MEEI and as an adjunct at Keene State College.

Ellen values each opportunity to teach many people simple skills that may enable them to save a life.  She loves meeting new people and really enjoys working with the same groups year after year.  When asked how she feels about being an instructor with MEEI,  her reply was, “I am fortunate to work with a dynamic team of fun, positive people each contributing a unique style that supports and complements the course content while offering something to learn from each other.”

Jeff Morel   

Jeff Morel

Jeff entered the fire service in 1977 joining Troy and Meadowood County Area Fire Departments, and began his EMS career the following year as an EMT with Troy Emergency Ambulance Service Inc..  He went on to become a full time firefighter/EMT in 1987 with Keene Fire Department wherein he served as a Captain and Training/EMS Coordinator until retiring in May of 2013.  He has also been on Surry Volunteer Fire Department since 2002.  He currently is Training Coordinator on both Troy Ambulance and Surry FD.  For 35 years he has been a member of American Red Cross Emergency Medical Services and Roger’s Rangers.

Jeff is a Pro-Board Certified NFPA 1041 Fire Instructor-III, NFPA 1021 Fire Officer-II, NH Certified Firefighter-III, NFPA-DOT Hazardous Materials Technician, NREMT-Intermediate, NH EMT Instructor/Coordinator, FETC Associate Instructor, Co-Founder of Fire Service Educators, and an AHA & ECSI CPR Instructor.  He is a NH Fire Academy Staff Instructor.  He also provides specialty training in the fields of Health and Safety, Haz Mat, MCI, MVI, WMD, Terrorism and MERRTT for the Departments of FEMA/Home Land Security, the U.S. Department of Energy, and others.  In addition, he is an Adjunct Faculty member of Keene State College Safety and Occupational Health Applied Sciences program.

Jeff adds, “I like sharing my knowledge and experiences with my students and knowing that I am enabling people to learn something new in each and every class; I like making a difference in someone’s life through education.  The best thing about teaching is watching someone “get it”!   This is why I am so passionate about teaching… I get so much joy and pleasure from teaching… no matter what the subject.”

When asked about being an instructor for MEEI, Jeff has said, “It is one of the best jobs I have.  I teach in a great and diverse learning environment everywhere we go.  I like being part of a family and that’s what the cadre of the talented MEEI instructors are… a wonderful family. Taking a MEEI class is one of the best learning experiences you can receive.  Phylis Manning is a talented and wonderful teacher, coach, leader and mentor.  She will make any learning experience no matter what subject you are taking from MEEI a great experience.  The instructors she has working for her are top notch professionals in their respected fields and are very passionate about your learning experience.  The education and skills you will learn from MEEI are invaluable and will last a lifetime.  If you want the best education in EMS and Life Safety… take a class with MEEI… you will be glad you did…”

Tim Knowles

Tim Knowles

As a Certified Instructor with Emergency Care & Safety Institute and the American Heart Association, Tim has been teaching these life-saving courses for eight years.

He is also currently the Director of Training for Cheshire County Department of Corrections, where he has been employed for nearly thirteen years. There he is responsible for the recruitment, training and development of approximately seventy other staff members.

Tim is a native of Presque Isle, Maine; he has resided in New Hampshire since the Fall of 1980.

Tim finds pleasure in being able to, “get the message to people that you don’t have to be just an on-looker in an emergency situation. You can, with proper training, be most useful during a crisis.  You can possibly make the difference between survival or not for someone you care about, or even for someone you have never met before that moment.”

Diana Warhall  

Diana WarhallDiana Warhall

After graduation from Keene State College in 1988 with a BS in Education and a specialization in Physical Ed, Diana taught one year in a local public school.  She then wandered away from the tradition school environment and began teaching gymnastics at the American School of Gymnastics, where she still teaches throughout the school year.  She also taught CPR, First Aid, & swimming through the American Red Cross for many years.

After coaching ski racing in the Vermont area for several years, Diana began teaching skiing and obtained her PSIA Level III in 2005.  For the past 7 years, she has been the Director of the Snowsports School at Granite Gorge Ski Area.

For the past 30 years, Diana has been teaching swimming, and currently runs her own swim school, Diana’s Swim Lessons, LLC, at Spofford Lake during the summers.

When she has any spare time, she loves riding her Harley, walking her dog, hanging with her two grown children, or just being on the beach.

Diana has been teaching with Phylis, through MEEI, since 2001.  During the first few years, she came to value the need to know more and obtained her First Responder certification.  She describes her appreciation of teaching with MEEI as, “the fact that we help our CPR and First Aid students to be able to act and help others in an emergency.  These are great skills to have as you never know when you may need them.  I love meeting new people, sharing my knowledge, and learning from others.   I enjoy all the instructors at MEEI, who always try to keep classes informative, fun and easy to understand.”

Sheila Macie

Sheila has been a nurse since 1979.  Most of her nursing background comes from Family Medicine. When she lived in Pittsburg, NH, she worked  in the Cardiac Rehab Program at Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital.  She also acted as the employee health nurse and coordinated CPR training for the hospital employees and community classes.

When she is not working or teaching CPR, she enjoys spending time with her three beautiful grandchildren and working in the 2 large vegetable gardens at her home in Jaffrey.

Sheila describes the facilitators at MEEI as, “a group who have such wide variety of personal and professional experiences that they can incorporate into our classes.  I have been teaching CPR for about 10 years and began because I knew how important it was to have as many people trained as possible in order to provide our patients with the best chance.  I very much enjoy teaching classes for MEEI because often times I am challenged by the questions from class participants and I am always learning from those that I teach with.”

Evan Thompson 

Evan Pic Rev

Evan graduated from Keene State College in May, 2014 and is a BOC Certified Athletic trainer licensed in the state of NH.  He is also a Nationally Registered and NH licensed EMT.

When he is not working in Sports Medicine as an Athletic Trainer, or teaching First Aid/CPR, Evan is volunteering in a number of venues.  Other times, you can find him participating in Endurance Athletic activities such as long distance running, swimming, or biking.

As an EMT Evan shares that he will occasionally respond to emergency scenes where lay-rescuers have already begun to treat patients on the scene. When a lay-rescuer has taken a first aid or CPR class, it absolutely shows in the level of care that they are able to provide. Not only does the care provided to the patient often look more aesthetically pleasing, but the level of confidence that most first responders will ultimately have an effect on the patient as well.

Evan has been teaching for several years with MEEI, having started when he was still a student at KSC.  He regards the work performed as, “incredibly important with long term results. When teaching though MEEI, we typically work in a small group of instructors to teach each class.  It is our instructors ability to combine appropriate amounts of humor to the seriousness of our class topics that make them fun; not only for our participants but for myself and the other instructors as well.”

Evan shared his recommendation for folks who are considering taking a first aid, CPR or other EMS course, “I would strongly encourage anyone to do so.  Even if you do not plan to seek a profession in emergency care, we are all prone to find ourselves in emergency situations from time to time.  It is impossible to know what type or emergency you may encounter. Our classes provide a broad overview of what you may expect in an emergency situation.  This includes a better understanding of how the human body responds to various injuries so that, when encountered, students will not only know how to treat an injury or illness but also why they are treating it in a certain way by understanding the treatment goal.”

Tim R picTim Read

Tim has been a Firefighter/Paramedic with Keene Fire Department for many years.

However, he is apparently so busy in his professional life, and enjoys his playtime so much that he just hasn’t had time to provide a bio to us!

So, because we know how much his students appreciate his vast experience, and how they totally enjoy his witty way of imparting that knowledge… we are giving him some slack on this, for now!


Tim & Airway MFD 2014



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