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Manning Emergency Educators, Inc.

Providing Health & Safety Training since 1995

Whether your need is a professional or basic level CPR, AED or First Aid class, our independent status enables us to offer you a wide range of programming through our affiliations with well respected organizations.  We design, develop & orchestrate high quality courses to meet your group or individual needs.  We provide on-site training for groups, or we can find an existing program for you to join. 



Resumption of CPR & First Aid classes has begun!

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Due to COVID-19, classes are somewhat limited as yet.   Let us know if you don’t see something you need/want.

Community Offerings

Trainings & Certification courses including Basic Level CPR, AED, First Aid, Healthcare Provider, Professional Rescue…

Programming Options

Ever consider brief review sessions between 2 year recertifications to maintain proficiency?…

Workplace Training

Any workplace site can benefit from safety training, construction, production facilities, health offices, schools, day care…..


We provide consulting and development of workshops to address concerns in any particular workplace…

Our Team

Our team is dedicated to ensuring a comfortable, non-threatening environment wherein learning can be maximized. We utilize patience and humor, along with the highest-quality training materials and as much hands-on practice as possible. This winning combination empowers our students with the knowledge, and the confidence to be able to help others in their time of need.

Our facilitators hold numerous degrees, licensures, & affiliations. We are Educators, EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and First Responders who are authorized  instructors through various well-respected organizations.

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