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Basic Level CPR/AED for Adults, Children, Infants: Learn how to recognize and care for individuals experiencing immediately life-threatening emergencies such as breathing problems, heart attack or cardiac arrest. Training can be provided that covers only a single age group, or any combination of the three.

AED Training: Teaches the use of an Automated External Defibrillator… the life saving device that has been proven to make the difference in those first few minutes, before EMS arrives! This program is included with all CPR course, and can be provided in a stand-alone module.

BLS/Healthcare Provider/Professional Rescuer Level CPR with AED:  This CPR training is more comprehensive, including two-rescuer CPR, use of a pocket resuscitation masks, bag valve masks and other advanced topics of concern to those needing or wanting a higher level of knowledge and skill.

PedFACTs for Caregivers and Teachers: This is an American Academy of Pediatrics course designed to help those who care for young children provide pediatric first aid to an ill or injured child.  Topics include, but are not limited to: Appropriate first aid care for, CPR & AED for all ages, Caring for choking emergencies, and Knowing how to give rescue medicines for specific types of medical problems that affect children.  Participants complete self-directed online modules and testing prior to attending the in-class session for hands-on practice, discussion and skills testing.  Successful participation of all components results in a 2-year First Aid & CPR completion certificate through the American Academy of Pediatrics.  This program is approved by NH Childcare Licensing.

Practicums in CPR &/or First Aid: Designed to encourage confidence in decision-making and / or skills, we provide opportunities for people to practice skills learned in prior trainings & to enhance their confidence, without the stress of testing or certification. These are often provided in the off year (CPR being a 2 year certification) as a brief practice session. This follows the recommendation by the AHA Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee to participate in reviews at least every 6 months.

Basic Level First Aid Certification Courses: These courses cover how to respond in emergency situations, when & how to access the EMS system, and how to determine priorities. They address topics such as care for Shock, Burns, Bleeding Control, Injuries to muscles, bones or joints, and treatment for sudden illnesses such as Diabetic Emergencies, Seizures, Poisonings, Heat & Cold, Allergic Reactions, etc. The goal of these courses is to enable those who are most typically first on the scene (friends, family, co-workers) to begin appropriate care in those most important first few minutes.

First Aid Overviews: We design & develop program topics and time frames to meet the very specific needs of any particular group. Typically, this is the choice of clients who haven’t the time or budget for a complete course, or for those who do not need official certification.

Enhanced First Aid Options: Additional modules may be combined with basic programming or provided separately to supplement participant’s knowledge or skill base in a particular area of concern for that group. This could be a session involving anything from how to use EpiPens for severe allergic reactions, Administer Oxygen, obtain Vital Signs, or care for very specific types of Injuries.

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