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We provide consulting and development of workshops to address concerns in any particular workplace such as:

Emergency Preparedness Training 
We facilitate “brainstorming” sessions during which we work with key personnel to preplan for probable emergency situations particular to your setting. This might be in a tabletop discussion or a role-play format to work through problems that might arise there… perhaps prior to your development of (or during your revision of) emergency response plans there. Our emergency experience combined with our neutral status lends itself quite well to your personnel being able to identify areas that may need work, that had been overlooked previously… all in a safe and enjoyable environment!

Emergency Evacuation Drills 
We design and orchestrate safety drills to practice and test Emergency Response Procedures that have been put into place. And/or, we might attend a drill that you have set up, in observer capacity only… so as to be able to provide direct feedback on specifics of the drill’s effectiveness.

First Aid Role-Playing
In a concept similar to Emergency Evacuation Drills, we design and coordinate scenarios to enable your First Aid Squad to practice the techniques they have learned. And, because we are able to do the preplanning, few, if any, of your team members need know the details in advance! Not only is it important to be able to have opportunities for your team members to refresh their skills before an emergency arises, but this also enables strengths to be reinforced, problem areas to be discovered & improved, and, moreover, is a great team building exercise!

Safety Assessments
We will do a “walk through” in your facility to identify and help you address areas of concern. This might be in preparation for Emergency Preparedness Training Workshop, or in conjunction with an Emergency Evacuation Drill. Or it might be provided to help you address concerns related to OSHA’s General Industry Standards or other similar regulatory requirements.

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