BLS Heartcode

Thank you so much for an informative and FUN class!  I learned many things I had not in previous classes… from Liz Jan, 2021

Early childhood CPR/FA

“Phylis and Dee come every year and do a wonderful job building rapport with every learner. We rely on them to keep our staff up to date and ready for an emergency”

EMT 2019 – Sarah C

When I was feeling like I took on too much, this group and the instructors pushed me thru. I’ve never met a more interesting,enlightened, entertaining group of people and I personally hope we stay in touch and I look forward to helping the next group to go thru EMT training with Phylis Manning🚑

EMT 2019 – Sam M

I was nervous and apprehensive when first walking into my EMT class. However, my nerves quickly floated away. This was one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. I’m forever thankful for this class for giving me so many laughs, memories, triumphs, and most importantly, lifelong friendships! Thank you for always being there and picking me up when I was down, and helping me through some of the hardest times of my life. Wouldn’t have wanted to do this with any other group of people! Here’s to some of the greatest future EMTs about to hit the ground running! Tuesday nights will never be the same. ps. ask me about my cow onsie😉  Sam Morse

It truly made a difference!!

Thank you for today’s CPR training. While it’s been a number of years since I have taken a training, been certified in the past, I never walked out of the door from the training feeling like I knew it. Thank you for changing that for me! The amount of hands on that we experienced today was such a vital part of understanding the skills.

Sandy, EMT student

Not only did we learn so much, we also had some laughs along the way!

… a big thank you for teaching us such valuable skills in such a helping and enjoyable environment.

Steve, Tim & Sheila were fabulous!

– everybody had a great time & learned a lot!!!

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