Who We Are
Through Manning Emergency Educators, Inc. (& previously through Phylis M Manning & Associates) our experienced team of professionals has been providing Health & Safety education since 1995 for Fire/EMS personnel and a wide variety of businesses, schools, agencies, and community groups.

Our facilitators hold numerous degrees, licensures, & affiliations. We are Educators, EMTs, Paramedics, Nurses and First Responders.   We hold instructor authorizations through the American Heart Association  and AAOS Emergency Care and Safety Institute.  In addition we are Instructor/Coordinators and BLS Practical Examination Evaluators through the Department of Safety, NH Bureau of EMS .

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Whether our training is for the novice (who has perhaps not thought much about these issues prior to class), or the layperson (the non-professional rescuer who is most likely to be first on the scene when a co-worker or loved one has an accident or takes ill), or the professional rescuer (who has the duty to respond in emergencies)… all our programs are designed to address your needs. Our focus is on reducing participants’ fears about the potential for emergencies to occur in the first place, and, on being successful in the training itself.  Our overriding goal is always to increase each individual’s confidence so that they will ultimately respond & react appropriately when that unexpected emergency does occur.

Are you looking for the convenience of training in your facility or locality?

We are a “traveling road show” in that we bring supplies & equipment to a location of your choosing.  This way we are best able to provide you with convenient, top quality, professional training that addresses your needs. We schedule trainings as you require… weekdays, evenings or weekends.

Do you need specific courses through a specific training agency?

By working closely with your group’s contact person, we determine the best programming options to suit your unique training requirements.  Our independent status and varied affiliations enables us to match your group with our instructor(s) who can best provide those pre-established course offerings through your choice of national training agencies

Do you need something other than a pre-existing course?

Your needs might be better suited toward a program designed specifically for you. Our years of experience & varied expertise enables us to tailor programs to address very specific issues. For example, we might present a session for a group on a specific health issue, such as Seizure Disorders or the use of Epi Pens for severe allergic reactions. Or, we might design & orchestrate a safety drill to test emergency response procedures. Our focus is on your training needs.

Would logistical support be helpful for you?

We maintain your group’s training records & thus are able to help you keep up to date… we remind you when your people are going to be needing subsequent trainings or recertifications.

In other words…

We are experienced in providing the training that fulfills your needs – whether it be to address group interests or imposed regulations!

  • You Choose the time and place, so that your employees can enjoy the comfort factor of participating as a group, in a convenient location.
  • Our Fees are usually structured to include all training needs, books, supplies, and instructor costs; thus there are no hidden expenses. In addition, we are able to offer discounts for large groups or multiple classes under certain circumstances.
  • Your Costs may be minimal, or virtually free…as some Health Insurance carriers will reimburse for many of the programs we provide.
  • Our Training Manikins for CPR are our own; they are are the latest models, cleaned and maintained according to our high standards, which meet or exceed those of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • We Provide optimum participation and hands-on practice by maintaining low participant-to-instructor and participant-to-manikin ratios.
  • We Take Care of much of the pre-course planning logistics, the post-course record-keeping, and recertification notifications.
  • We Guarantee the quality of all our programming…you won’t be disappointed!!

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Are you a current instructor?

Are you enthusiastic about teaching programs such as CPR / First Aid / Health & Safety / EMT / Emergency Preparedness?  We are always searching for per diem facilitators who agree with our mission and have similar ideals…

If you are interested in joining our team, just get in touch so we can discuss the possibilities!

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If you don’t see what you need….

Likely we’ve simply not posted yet… regrets for that! Please contact us through “Get in Touch“, let us know what you’re looking for… and we’ll get back to you asap!

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